How you live comes out of what's happening in your heart. 
Your thoughts, feelings and desires - conscious or not - flow into your choices, which affect your entire life.

That's why it's critical to see and understand the battle raging for your heart and how the battle can be won.
Entering the battle for your heart allows you to live authentically... to engage the world around you courageously... to lead with integrity.

But you don't have to battle alone. 


We Battle Together

How it Works:

When you want to see change on the outside, where you are most visible,
you have to start with what’s inside. The Battle for the Heart is a path to
real heart change – change that is sustainable, because it starts from the inside out.
Here’s how it works:

Module One: The Battle for Your Heart

Your team of four attends the Battle for Your Heart, an intensive, interactive experience of Biblical teaching, facilitated team discussions, and personal reflection times that introduces you to the framework for fighting for your heart.

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