Who is Wellspring Group?

So glad you asked!

Wellspring Group is broken-and-beloved men and women who are seeing God redeem their stories, individually and collectively, through the grace of the Gospel.  We are experiencing the joy and the disruption of living from our whole hearts and discovering our part in God's eternal, larger love story.  We are being changed – so much so that we can’t help inviting, inspiring, and equipping other people to join us, so that they, too, may increasingly become who God created them to be.  We believe that if it has happened for us, it can happen for you, too.

What do we mean when we talk about "whole hearts"?

When the Bible speaks of your heart, it’s talking about the core of who you are: your thoughts, choices, feelings, and deepest desires. What you think and believe, the feelings that your life experiences stir up in you, the things and relationships and ideas that you treasure and long for – all of these flow out into how you live your life on a daily, even moment-by-moment basis. That’s why Solomon told his son, “Above all else guard your heart, because it is the wellspring of life.” If you discover how to live deep, from your whole heart, in community…then everything changes.

Why does Wellspring Group exist?

We exist because of what Dallas Willard called “the elephant in the church” – which is that the Gospel has the power to change lives, and yet far too few of us are experiencing that change in a visible, tangible way.

Wellspring Group knows that this type of change, though difficult, is possible – not just on an individual level, but corporately, in community.  We have experienced this personally. And we have learned a few things along the way.  In our work with pastors, discipleship leaders, missionaries, teachers, and other Christians we have discovered that significant, sustained life transformation flows from the heart. It’s not a matter of more knowledge, or behavior management.  It’s a matter of the Gospel working its way into every level of your whole heart.

If you long for a way to bring yourself and your circle of influence into that kind of transformation, please join us!  You, too, can experience the adventure of real life change.

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