Battle for the Heart

Your heart matters.  After all, everything we do comes from the wellspring of our hearts.
Day in and day out, we battle to see and believe how valuable we are and what difference we make to God and to others.
Winning that battle means the difference between just believing the Gospel with our minds and actually experiencing the good news in our hearts.  

Wellspring Group can help you fight that battle.  Discover the life God created you to live: full, abundant, messy, risky and real, deeply connected to God and to other people.  You can experience the impact you were meant to have in God’s larger story. 

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Opening to Love

"As I look back over these 43 years, I’m struck by God’s overarching sovereign care, his gracious pursuit of us, his never ending perseverance, and his amazing love all in the midst of our brokenness, resistance, numerous mistakes, and outright sin."

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