Building authentic community requires developing safe environments in which people believe that if they open their hearts to share, they will be met with loving connection and caring!  As you know from life experience that often doesn’t happen in the church.

How do you build a small group culture that goes beyond the facts and the rational truths of the scripture and digs a little deeper to spur each other on in heart connection and applying biblical truths to their everyday life?

In this 6-week experience we will:

provide a unique opportunity for your small group to walk together as they consider, reflect on, and apply truths from scripture and are equipped with skills of connecting deeply in your small group setting.

discover the importance of the heart and how awareness of the whole heart is key in connecting with God and others in transformative ways.

experience interactive video sessions and small group discussion as we examine topics such as vulnerability, compassion, and revealing the heart of God to those in your sphere of influence.

equip you and your group with practical tools that will help build safety in your group and cultivate growth in revealing the heart of God.

gain a deeper understanding of God, yourself, and others during the week as you continue to unpack truths at home through personal reflection facilitated by corresponding daily devotionals provided throughout the 6 weeks of material.

support your group leader by offering a unique coaching call opportunity with a trained member of the Wellspring Group staff that will guide your leader in how to facilitate your small group as you embark on this journey.


This gave our group the tools and language to better express ourselves and encourage each other towards love and good deeds, towards the only desiring-satisfying God.

We feel a little more united in a common goal to get to depth. And now we have some tools to spur one another on.

Through this experience I have a deeper realization that God is crazy about me and He pursues me as an ardent Lover.

Building Authentic Community

A 6-Week Experience For Small Groups

Includes the following:

      1. Building Authentic Community 6 Week Module | Downloadable PDF for 1 individual

      2. Access to 6 Weekly Videos

      3. 6 Weeks of Daily Personal Reflections

      4. Weekly Group Meeting Guides

      5. 1 Video Coaching call for your group leader to equip them to lead your group through this material

      6. Access to all materials for this 6-week experience on our website

Who is this for?

  • For small groups of varying maturity levels – men, women, or couples – longing to discover and grow in the critical elements of authentic biblical transformational community. The group leader needs to be a Battle for the Heart alumnus. Group size of 4-6 people is recommended.

Objectives include gaining:

    1. Greater understanding of God’s heart and your capacity to reveal it
    2. Deeper understanding of your own heart
    3. Greater understanding of why and how to create a safe place within your small group
    4. Increased ability to share your heart vulnerably and authentically
    5. Increased confidence and ability to connect with another’s heart

We will accomplish these objectives as you:

  1. Grow in awareness of the battle for your heart – the source of your desires, feelings, thoughts, and choices
  2. Grow in walking in vulnerability with your brothers and sisters and God, which leads to:
    1. experiencing the compassionate love of God through the Holy Spirit and others.
    2. expressing the compassionate love of God to others
  3. Grow in the skills of listening and asking questions rather than solving and fixing.

Is your small group interested in Building Authentic Community?