The total cost for the Battle for the Heart is as low as $900 (for dorm room option), broken into two payments for each half of the process.  Module 1 costs $500 and covers the 4-day Battle for the Heart retreat (excluding  transportation to the event), Module 1 Team Equipping guidebook (including daily Battle Preps and weekly Team Meeting guidelines), and the Wellspring coaching process for each team’s facilitator that equips and supports your team throughout the experience.

Module 2 costs $400 and covers the 3-day Battle for Your Domain event (excluding transportation), Module 2 Team Equipping guidebook (Battle preps and Team Meetings), and the final round of Wellspring coaching for your team’s facilitator.

Consider also that the Battle for the Heart is a significant investment of your time. While the initial Battle retreat requires some preparation and a 4-day weekend, the Team Equipping follow-through is a 26-week commitment for the entire process (both modules 1 & 2). Participating in the Team Equipping process typically requires 14-19 hours a month. This includes 7-9 hours of personal time devoted to Battle Preps  (20 minutes a day on average; some days require more.)  The balance of time goes toward small group team meetings, not including travel time and socializing before and after the meetings.  One member of the group serves as the facilitator, and that person also participates in equipping calls with other facilitators every other week, adding another 3 hours or so per month to the facilitator's commitment. 

We believe that this investment of time is not only critical, but worth making sacrifices to accomplish. Significant, sustained, fundamental life transformation is at stake!

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