Taking the Land and Seeing God's Faithfulness

Taking the Land and Seeing God's Faithfulness - Wellspring Group


God's Eternal Love Story

I recently finished participating in Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church’s second Battle for Men’s Hearts. This BMH was the realization of a dream to replicate the heart and skills of the Battle for Men’s Heart process in a local congregation. I can say with deep confidence that the pastoral and lay leadership team of OMPC owns the DNA of authentic Biblical community as we have been privileged to experience it in Wellspring Group.

As we began Thursday afternoon it was a strange feeling to be an outsider and minor player in the event that I and a small band of men began ten years ago. Yet in the strangeness there was a deep sense of satisfaction as I reflected upon God’s faithfulness. I recalled the twelve days of prayer and fasting in April 2003. In the midst of the winter of my brokenness I sensed God whispering that spring had come as He brought forth the vision of leading pastoral and lay leaders into a transforming personal knowing of the love of God that would flow into all of their relationships and empower them to discover their part in God’s story of redemption. I remembered the word of the Lord as I walked along Don Barham’s lakefront in March, 2007 to “develop and release” men and women into the fullness of who they are. I recalled board members Steve Hall, Doug Arnold, and me kneeling before the Lord in August, 2008 as we made the decision to partner with churches with almost no evidence that it would work. Five long, hard years later God has accomplished what He planted in our hearts! This will work.

As we walked through the weekend, the OMPC facilitators and speakers loved and led well. The resounding conclusion during our Sunday facilitators’ luncheon was that God had exceeded our expectations! Numerous men shared of the power of being there with their own church, knowing men on other teams, knowing their fellow facilitators and hearing from their own pastoral and lay leaders. There was excitement and anticipation as young men shared how they saw God using the Battle for the Heart to transform their generation to touch the church and then the community!

The OMPC Battle was just one week after our WG Battle in which I was in awe of the strength and capacity of the men God has raised up in this ministry. I saw it once again, yet now in a church ready and willing to ever more fully move into the dream of the glory of God filling His people in authentic, transformational, Biblical community so that they can reveal who He is to their domains.

I was humbled, grateful, satisfied, awe struck at the grace of God. God has woven together the lives of so many men and women. I am in awe of the facilitators, donors, the leadership of Oak Mountain, and other churches that have worked with us and have all made major contributions to the process.

As we move forward, I cling to the Word of the Lord I have heard to “take the land” and not be concerned with the giants that will always be present if the Battle is worth fighting. Indeed this Battle is well worth fighting because it is the Battle for the Hearts of men and women. We continue to fight so that they may deeply know the love of the Trinity and their part in this glorious unfolding of God’s Eternal Love Story.



Larry Bolden is the Executive Director of Wellspring Group. After founding Wellspring Group in 2003, Larry has been on an incredibly challenging and satisfying journey, helping bring significant, sustained change into the lives of men, women, and churches.


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