I have gained confidence and courage

The Battle process has enabled me to understand the depths of my own heart. As I name the distortions and they come into the light, their effectiveness to subdue me is diminished.  Through the Battle process, I have heard my unique calling to lead through knowing others and being known.  As I lead from this natural bent, I am more fully alive and comfortable to call others into deeper places of reflection and growth – not only in the workplace as I lead, but as I shepherd others through my church, with my wife in calling out her beauty, and with my sons to know their uniqueness and lead them in such a way that they own their growth instead of me telling them how they should act.  I have gained confidence and courage that my unique leadership gifts have impact in and through my sphere of influence.

I have begun to discover a freedom for living and a joy that has changed my marriage, revolutionized my life, and directed my future more clearly than I ever thought possible.

Banding with good men through Wellspring, God has led me on a journey of discovering of my heart, my wife’s heart, and the hearts of dear friends, which continues in deeper revelation and understanding.  This journey gives me comfort, beauty, challenge, and hope, as it draws me toward greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit and a desire to reflect the essence of God to a hurting world.

Change of this magnitude from the protective layers that I built up over decades has been exactly as expected—difficult, painful, and exhilarating--just as any worthwhile change is.  I no longer have to allow my life to be dominated by fear and pain.  Resting in the Father’s unquestioned love and validation of me as a man has freed me to think outward, rather than return to the broken patterns of Adam, living life searching for fig leaves. (C.C.)

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