Now my dead and lonely heart is coming alive!

Prior to going through the Battle process (both retreats and the follow-up), I had an intellectual understanding of God’s love. I could read the verses in the Bible that related to His love, provision, protection, goodness, kindness, and so on. I could even teach about them and believe them to be true for others!  But I did not have an experiential (heart) knowledge of those truths. So very little was being lived out in my life. If you were to look at me, you might have thought I had it all together and was very ‘authentic and spiritually mature, but the reality was I was living like a lonely orphan who was dying for healthy relational connection with both God and others.

Now my dead and lonely heart is coming alive! The process isn’t easy and very often I don’t like the tools God uses to mold and shape me (like suffering), but I have gained courage to walk in the way of humility as I have people to share the journey with me. Experiencing God’s love through them has given me courage to trust the Trinity and vice versa.  (C.B.)

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