Seeing the Father's Heart Through a Child

I recently was able to spend some time with my 5 year old nephew. After his nap time one afternoon I coaxed him to come outside with me and play before the sun went down. We played tag, hide and seek, and had the brilliant idea to build a fort out of the sticks that were laying in the yard.


With haste we gathered all the long branches and began strategically leaning and weaving them into a house-like structure as night set in and the light from the sun said its final adieu. As darkness was quickly coming upon us, I looked up and saw my nephew just standing there with his back to me. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Shhhhhhh, I’m praying.” “What are you praying about?” I asked. He replied, “More time.” Then in his small voice with the purest heart believing that his Father’s heart was good toward him, even in fort making, he prayed, “God, please give us more time,” and quickly carried on with the project at hand.

I was hit by the reality that this kid’s got it! He truly believes that God loves him enough to give Him his desires. In that moment he desired more time AND he stopped, asked and then believed without doubting. As we placed the last stick that we had gathered onto the structure we had deemed as our stick fort the light had just faded into a point of evening. I smiled as I felt God smiling about what had taken place in that little heart and the refreshment I had experienced by my nephew’s active perspective of God.

I was taken back to the days when I believed in such a way. I remember praying as a small child that I would find my Sunday shoes on Sunday mornings so I wouldn’t get in trouble for losing them yet again. I remember rejoicing over finding them on numerous occasions and knowing that God had helped me.

Where did that first response of going to God for anything or in my times of need go to? Where did I start being my “go to” and then God being the last result in an effort to not bother Him with trivial things.

God cared about me finding my shoes back then, He cares about my nephew’s desire to have light so he could make his stick fort, and He cares about even the smallest question, burden or challenge in my life right now.

What needs have you tried to carry and deal with on your own?

Why not talk to Him about it?

Why not believe that what the scripture says is for every moment of every day?

Stop. Ask. Believe.

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