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your team for an upcoming event

Understanding and winning the battle for your heart and the hearts of the men who will be there with you involves spending significant time in preparation. The more you prepare your heart the more you will receive during the Battle, the more your team will benefit, and the more the people in your world will benefit after the Battle. Plan now to spend the time it will take to prepare for this encounter with God, yourself and your team.

Preparation includes:

  1. Download Team Meeting Guides for pre-retreat meetings with your team:
  2. Utilize our 28 days of Biblical Reflections to prepare you for the foundational concepts addressed in the Battle for the Heart event
  3. Pray – for God to prepare:
    • Your heart for all that He wants to do in you.
    • The hearts of the other men for all He wants to do in them.
  4. Watch other supporting movies (optional) For Men | For Women
  5. Reading books with similar themes to the Battle for the Heart (optional)
    For Men | For Women
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