We dream of:

  • Increasing numbers of men and women who are fully alive to who God has created them to be.

  • Churches becoming transforming communities overflowing with God's love, grace and truth:
    • Pastoral and lay leaders living and leading out of authentic Biblical community
    • Broken people being restored and sent out to reveal the heart of God to a broken world.
    • Couples moving from being roommates on the way to heaven to experiencing the fullness of intimacy that God intended.
    • Young families growing in maturity that affects not only them but the generations to come.

  • Business leaders coming alive to God's purposes in their whole lives.

  • Missionaries experiencing personal and relational transformation that allows them to more clearly live out the gospel.

We long to see lives, marriages, families and churches transformed so broadly and radically that it actually changes the leadership culture of the church, both here in North America and also around the world.

We dream of...     Overflowing Transformation