In partnership with Wellspring Group, Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL is beginning to witness the congregational change they have longed to see for over 25 years.

Men and women are experiencing the love and validation of God that is freeing them to become who they were created to be.

The impact of this individual change is in turn influencing the church community as a whole.  There has been a shift in the way that their leaders preach, teach and manage teams, LIFE Groups, marriages, and families are experiencing deeper connections.

Take a look at the Battle for the Heart in Oak Mountain


Battle for Men's Hearts from Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.

Want To See Real, Heart Level Change In Your Church?

You're concerned about the spiritual welfare of the people God has entrusted to you. You long to see them grow, change, and become vibrant contributors to the Kingdom. How do you cultivate an environment in which your people are motivated and equipped to live out their Kingdom callings more fully?

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