Meet the Board

Alf Rhea

Alf is currently the President of Business Innovations out of Norcross, Georgia.  BI is a full-service firm that develops logo branding and marketing gift items for almost any industry in the world. He began his career working for Arthur Andersen in public accounting and is a CPA.  He left public accounting to join BCD Travel in the corporate travel industry.  As President and Chief Operating Officer of BCD Travel, he was a part of a leadership team which saw the company grow over a nine-year period from $45 million to over $500 million.

Alf is a graduate of Samford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Masters of Business Administration degree.  He is married to Loraine and they have five children and one granddaughter.  Alf is an Elder with Perimeter Church located in Johns Creek, Georgia.

Alf shares on his experience with Wellspring Group below.

I have been through two men’s battle groups.    When I first signed up for Wellspring, I remember telling my group I wanted to feel and really care for those close to me.    I was doing good things but my authentic heart was so locked up that I couldn’t really go deep with those close to me.    God used the Wellspring process and the men in my group to help me take the “make it happen and got it together” mask off and be real with those around me.    I’ve felt genuine and have been able to share my weaknesses to my family and my men’s group.    They have protected me and propelled me into my role in God’s larger love story.    Also, I’ve seen God provide more genuine missional fruit with those in my business domain in these past two years than in the previous 15 years.    And it is not me making it happen. Finally, I’m still a work in progress and having a genuine fellowship of brothers around me (who also have learned to be vulnerable) has set me on a different mission and even when I fall, they are there to help me back up.    I’m accepted for who I am, not what I do.

Bryan Taylor

Bryan Taylor has more than 20 years of experience in portfolio management and design. He is a principal of Cornerstone Management and currently serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Taylor oversees all operations, and is Chairman of the Cornerstone Investment Committee.

Bryan has become a frequent writer and speaker on the global economy and US markets. He has been a conference speaker at Christian Leadership Alliance, Association of Business Administrators Christian Colleges (ABACC), Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), Missio Nexus and other Christian nonprofit seminars across the country. He also writes a periodic market commentary called the Palantir.  .

Dustin Britt

Dustin graduated from Samford University with a degree in Business Administration. After graduating college, he spent several years working at a marketing firm in Birmingham, AL directing website strategy. While still in Birmingham, Dustin also served as International Program Director of Lifeline Childrens Services, helping families adopt children from China, Ukraine & Guatemala. In 2006 Dustin was offered the opportunity to work for Matchstic, a branding firm located in Atlanta, GA. Dustin spent over 7 years at Matchstic as Director of Brand Strategy, and also obtained his MBA in Marketing while there. Dustin met Larry and Wellspring Group through his role at Matchstic, during a particularly challenging season of life that brought Dustin face-to-face with his pain, fears and who God is as a pursuing Father. Dustin currently works in marketing at Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, directing Integrated Media. In 2016 Dustin and his wife Katie adopted their son Isaac from China, watching God weave together a beautiful story from the past.

Beth Lee

I am a Chattanooga, TN gal, born and raised.  My professional career began in the entertainment industry in television and motion picture production.  After tiring of freelance work, I attended law school and became a labor and employment litigator. I met my  husband, Will, while he was a third year OBGYN resident at Vanderbilt. We married and moved away from Nashville but yet found our way "home" 7 years ago. We have been married 16 years and have two teenage boys, Cooper and Patrick.  After our boys were born, I stopped practicing law full time while continuing to work in various law related jobs on a part-time basis. When the Lord brought us back to Nashville, I became in-house counsel for a national franchise. I resigned from that job after a couple of years and not so patiently waited to see what the Lord had for me. It turns out that He had Larry and Mary Bolden, Wellspring Group and the Battle waiting for me! A sweet and life changing surprise!  


Wellspring Group and the Battle process has transformed my heart and my life. I was raised in a Christian home and came to know the Lord as a young girl but yet didn't understand or appreciate how deeply I am loved and that God delights in me. As a reluctant participant at my first Battle retreat, I had very low expectations and was proven dead wrong. The Lord used that first retreat to reveal a mystery about my heart that was impacting the way I parented my two boys and the poor way I was relating to my husband.  My heavenly Father pursued me through the Battle material and my fellow teammates.  The deeper I dove into the process, the more alive my heart became.  Before Battle, I was able to easily access negative emotions and rarely, if ever, experienced deep, satisfying joy.  After being introduced to the idea that the Lord loves me for who I am and not for the items I check off my to-do list or my professional successes, I was released from a life of striving and launched on a journey to uncover the role that God had for me to play in His larger story.  I was expecting that role to be something in my skill set..something I was familiar with. Go back to practicing law or find a job helping a business to grow as their in-house counsel.  Dead wrong again.  That role presented itself as an unexpected call from one of the pastors at my church, West End Community, with the suggestion that I interview for a staff position with the church. After much prayer and determining that this was indeed the role He was calling me to, I accepted a position working with our church's women's ministry, small groups and supporting our Battle groups. My newly re-calibrated heart was being drawn to a life of serving Him and others.  Since joining the church staff 2 years ago, I have had the privilege of walking with women through celebrations and hardships, all the while honing my heart pursuing skills learned through Battle. I no longer see relationships as transactional but as opportunities to share my heart and to experience deep community with others. My role as a Board member is another way the Lord has asked me to step into His larger story.  It is a privilege to serve on the Board of a ministry that has been instrumental in my spiritual and personal growth and a ministry that I have seen transform the lives of others in a real and tangible way. 

Greg Poole

I began a “career” in ministry in 1983 by joining Campus Outreach staff after graduating from Samford University. Following a brief time in the marketplace I attended Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis where I worked at Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church as Minister of Christian Education. In 1994 I returned to Birmingham to Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church and eventually became Executive Pastor. In 2001 I became Senior Pastor of Decatur Presbyterian in Decatur, Alabama, then in 2008 returned to Oak Mountain as Pastor for Discipleship. Shortly after my return I encountered Wellspring Group.

Through my experience with Wellspring and Battle for the Heart I discovered my heart. I had shut down my feelings and distanced myself relationally and performed ministry through my gifts. I was good at getting things done. Thus my self evaluation of myself was always contingent upon how well I performed and what I could do for people. I didn’t believe that I mattered as a person, only as a producer. Battle has allowed me to see the lie I bought into and has given me freedom to love and enjoy people and allow them to love and enjoy me. For me ministry and life have become much more fulfilling.  

John Purcell

John Purcell’s 18 years of corporate experience and 17 years of church leadership and management experience have given him a passion for developing leaders, especially Christian leaders of for-profits and non-profits, including churches.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, where he was the Senior Class President, and a Law Degree (JD) from Lewis and Clark College.

His work experience includes 18 years at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, including Sales Engineering, Manufacturing Management, Materials Management, and General Management overseeing multiple businesses. At Perimeter Church, John served for 16 years as the Staff Director, overseeing all ministry planning and execution as the church grew from 500 members and 30 staff to 4000 members and 130 staff plus a school of 500 students and 70 staff.

In addition to the above, John has served as a ruling elder for over 20 years and has discipled and coached key leaders at numerous churches for several years.

John is a Certified Christian Leadership Coach who has helped church, business, and non-profit leaders all over the world grow in their leadership effectiveness and helped their organizations, leadership teams, and boards to greater health, clarity, and effectiveness.

He also leads a Truth at Work Christian business leaders’ roundtable ministry, serving as the Chapter President in Atlanta, where he convenes organizational leaders monthly to facilitate their growth and leadership impact at the intersection of their professional, personal, and spiritual lives.

He says that God is still working on him and has impacted his heart connection with Christ, his family, and others over the past 6 years through Wellspring. 

John lives with his wife Cindy in Atlanta, GA and enjoys spending time with his grown kids, traveling, hiking, biking, and an occasional round of golf.


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