Larry Bolden
Executive Director

Larry graduated from Auburn University with a degree in English Literature. After college he returned home to Dothan, AL and spent 13 years in financial consulting and then 13 years as pastor of Dothan Christian Fellowship.  In the latter part of that time God took him into a four year chapter of brokenness in which he came into a whole hearted knowing of God’s love, grace and truth that changed his life, relationships, and ministry.  He began Wellspring Group in 2003 and obtained an MA in Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University in 2004.  He has done postgraduate work in Leadership Coaching at Regent University and was President of Wellspring Performance Group, an executive coaching firm from 2004-2008.  He and his wife Mary have a son, daughter-in-law and five grandchildren who occupy much of their hearts and time.

Abby Mandella
Operations Director

As the Operations Director, my primary responsibilities are managing the strategic objectives of the ministry.  I work closely with Larry, our Board and Staff to develop and execute the plans to reach our short and long term goals.  I get to do a little bit of everything from facilitating at retreats, leading our staff and managing the ministry’s finances to reporting and planning with our incredible Board of Directors.  Life is full! 

Prior to joining Wellspring, I spent 6 years in Financial and Retirement Planning Services.  I received my degree from Troy University Dothan in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Accounting.  

My time at Wellspring has had a profound impact on my life and family.  As I personally walked through the Battle for the Heart process I was finally able to see and fight the lies of the enemy and gain tremendous freedom from fears that had crippled me for so long.  As I began to discover life with my whole heart I have gradually been able to release control and step into the part that God has invited me to play, trusting that it is worth the risk and he has given me everything I need to be the woman he created me to be. 

If you would like to hear more about Wellspring Group, our objectives or how God has used this ministry in my life, please feel free to contact me at or 334.714.9074

Anisa Sumlar
Team Equipping Coordinator

Primary responsibilities: overseeing Wellspring Group’s retreat and follow through processes and facilitator equipping

Education: Auburn University, graduated in 1997 with B.A. in Corporate Journalism.

I started with Wellspring Group in 2004 as a part-time administrative assistant and bookkeeper.  Since that time, I’ve moved through a variety of roles before settling comfortably into planning and coordination for the Battle for the Heart participant process.

Before joining Wellspring, I worked for a financial planning company and in advertising.

I would say that the impact that Wellspring has had on my personal life has been far reaching.  I can’t think of a single area of my life that has not been impacted by the Battle for the Heart process. My parenting, my relationship with my husband, friendships, the way I work – I have learned how to see the heart of people, not just their behaviors. I’ve learned greater compassion. I’ve learned greater trust. I have, though grudgingly at first, learned how to connect with others in a more authentic way by being willing to open up and share at a heart level. It has been the most pivotal process I’ve been through in my 30+ years of walking with the Lord.

If you need to talk to me about what I do, or the Battle for the Heart process, I can be reached at 334.791.5704

Heather O'Brien
Communications Coordinator

I came on board with Wellspring in 2012, after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in communications and spending some time overseas.  One of the greatest draws to Wellspring for me was to see the Church transformed into what she is meant to be, particularly in regards to the effective discipling of men and women.  It’s been such a delight to be a part of a process that helps God’s children find the courage to step into what He has for them, to become what they were created to be.

I went through the Battle for the Heart myself in the Fall of 2012 through the beginning of 2013.  That experience continues to shape my ability to identify and overcome areas in my heart that have kept me from connecting deeper with God and others. It really has guided me as I have gained the heart and skills to grow in understanding love, accepting and receiving love and offering love to others.

Karen Crowe
Experience Designer

I’ve found that my background in counseling, curriculum design, business ownership, project management, and small group facilitation has really helped me with my position as Experience Designer at Wellspring Group.  I graduated from both Furman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and Georgia Status University with a Master of Science in Community Counseling, and I attended my first Battle for Women’s Hearts in 2010.  God used (and continues!) the Battle process to help me see and embrace suffering as the pathway to living in my unique essence as a woman of beauty, courage, and love.

I love to write, think, and take on the creative challenges of designing new materials and events, and I also enjoy the relational satisfaction of coaching Wellspring facilitators.  Lately, I’ve been branching out in my tasks, helping to take Wellspring’s message to a wider audience while managing marketing projects.  

Karen lives in Kennesaw, GA, with her husband Andy.  They have three children, aged teen to young adult.

Mark Guzzo
Church Partnership Coordinator

My primary responsibilities in this role are to consult with and support new and existing partners, develop materials to guide and support the partnering process and, to a more limited extent, help with overall ministry goals around marketing, recruiting and donor development.

I have been involved in lay ministry of some kind since my sophomore year at Vanderbilt University, where I majored in Math & Physics.  My ministry experience includes leading & facilitating ministry teams and small groups, pastoral care & lay counseling and teaching as Ruling Elder at my local church.  I completed a 33-year career in telecommunications in 2012 where I developed capacities for team building, project management, financial management & controls, software development and honed various analytical and personal relationship skills.

I married my high school sweetheart, Melany, in 1979.  We have two sons and two beautiful granddaughters.  Battle for the Heart has reenergized my spiritual journey and generated new and deeper avenues of connection and impact in every relational context: marital, family, friendships, ministry.

205.980.9002 landline
205.821.9002 mobile