Wellspring Group's Leadership Summit 2018

Engaging from a Compassionate Heart

Advanced Skills Training in Listening in Four Directions

Imagine for a moment the impact if those you cared about more fully grasped the depth of God’s love and compassion toward them.

How would their lives be different? How would yours?

What if you, in all your insecurities and imperfections, served as a catalyst helping them gain this greater understanding?

Would it be worth a few hours of your time?

As a Battle for the Heart alumnus you recognize you have a part to play in God’s larger story. You understand what’s at stake if you don’t play your part. And you’ve seen the value of being part of the fellowship that’s called to love, support and spur one another on. We want to give you the tools to do that more effectively.

You are cordially invited…

To an advanced skills training workshop that focuses on understanding God’s heart of compassion and how you can use the skills of engaging, primarily through Listening in Four Directions, to more effectively help those you are engaging experience God’s heart.

Where: Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA

When: Saturday, June 23 from 8:45 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Cost: $30, includes lunch, refreshments and materials

Open to all Battle for the Heart alumni and facilitators who have attended a Battle for Your Domain event.

RSVP by June 13. To register click here.

Contact anisas@wellspringgroup.org if you have any further questions!

Want more time to connect with Battle Alumni?  Join us  Friday Night!

A casual time of fellowship will be held the evening before the workshop at
The home of Larry and Mary Bolden
5971 Spalding Park Place, Norcross, GA,
from 6 – 8 p.m.
Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.

To RSVP to the evening fellowship (open to all Wellspring alumni and spouses), click here.

What we’ll do:  At Saturday’s workshop

  • We’ll look at:
    • Scriptures related to
      • God’s heart of compassion and
      • his desire that we reflect his compassionate nature to the world.
    • We’ll review and build on:
      • the practice of Listening in Four Directions,
      • responding out of listening using the three point response
      • types of engaging questions that flow out of listening.

* Listening in Four Directions is introduced at the Battle for Your Domain event but the primary focus is on listening in two directions. At this workshop we will more fully expand upon and practice listening in all four directions.

Saturday afternoon will include an engaging intensive where each participant will practice engaging and will be engaged for approximately 30 minutes including your team’s debrief.

This is a great opportunity to attend with Your Battle Team or other Battle Alumni:

Practicing will be done in triads, so this is a great opportunity to attend with others from your battle team. If you come on your own we will match you up with alumni and/or facilitators.

AND – we will send you home with suggested meeting outlines for three additional peer-to-peer engaging sessions you triad can do in person or by phone.



If you have questions or would like any additional information, please contact anisas@wellspringgroup.org