Taking it one step further
With Wellspring Group’s Leadership Equipping Track
Are you a Battle for the Heart alumnus who wants to get more involved?
Wellspring Group’s Leadership Equipping Track (LET), our retreat facilitator and speaker equipping process is a great next step!
As a participant in the LET you will have the opportunity to:
  • Significantly impact future Battle for the Heart participants as a facilitator and/or speaker
  • Attend future retreats at reduced or no cost
  • Sharpen your engaging or speaking skills through participation in virtual (phone) and in-person training opportunities offered at no cost
  • Attend the annual Wellspring Group Leadership Summit to further equip Battle alumni and volunteers with the heart and skills of engaging.
  • Expand your Christian fellowship through deep and ongoing connection with the most amazing facilitators and speakers on the planet (we’re not even slightly biased!)

Our facilitators and speakers consistently share with us that they are :
  • Growing in skills and confidence as an engager or facilitator
  • Gaining new personal insight through equipping call exercises
  • Being challenged to step out in new ways as they move further into their part in God’s Larger Story

For more information on Wellspring Group’s Leadership Equipping Track contact Anisa Sumlar.
The Leadership Equipping Track has been a double-edged sword for me! Although I was drawn to the beauty of a fellowship of men engaging at heart level, my untended emotional baggage weighed me down with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. And yet I found the LET process to be gentle, allowing me to move along at a pace that let me acclimate little by little.

As an assistant facilitator I was able to relax, observe, and participate when ready. In my first time as primary facilitator, the daily facilitator meetings, on-the-spot check-ins, encouraging words spoken, and notes handed to me meant I was never on my own. Since then, I have been in the lead role several times. The LET continues to provide an atmosphere of comradery and grace where I can learn and take on a little more risk in a safe environment.
Bill Taber
Interested in volunteering in other capacities?
We are in need of:
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Writers/Editors
  • Audio Video Tech
  • Musicians
  • Administrative Skills
Please Contact Us for more details!
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