Who We Are

We live to see men and women become who God created them to be, wholehearted and overflowing.

Our mission is to inspire and equip people to increasingly become who God created them to be as they live from their whole hearts in authentic, life changing relationships.

This is not just something we teach, but as a staff, board and volunteers we seek to live it out every day. We are committed to building a team that lives in authentic, biblical community.

Increase Impact.
Increase Accessibility.
Increase our Team.

As we are seeing the impact of God’s transforming love in men, women, families and churches, we long to increase accessibility to others.  We realize in order to increase impact, we must increase accessibility and increase our staff.

Our Core Values
  • Living from a Whole Heart
  • Transformation that overflows into every area of our lives
  • Biblical Community experienced in authentic relationships
  • Listening Prayer permeating all that we do

For more information about our team, open positions or the dream God has given us, please contact Abby Mandella:
Open Positions
Church Partnership Director

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Atlanta, GA
Travel Requirement: 30%

Mission: oversee a sustainable and scalable equipping process for the Battle for the Heart for Churches from a marketing, recruiting, organizational and financial perspective


  1. Work with Executive Director, with input from the Board, to evaluate
    1. Current strategy of developing reproducing partner churches
    2. Ways to increase breadth of impact through churches and potentially mission organizations 
  2. Marketing and recruitment of participants for the Wellspring Battle for Your Heart for Churches
  3. Focus on senior pastors and leaders of potential partner churches
  4. Develop key alliances to generate potential church partners
  5. Proactively build partner relationships 
    1. New reproducing church partners
    2. Influence non-reproducing church partners
  6. Oversee the Battle for the Heart for Churches’ equipping process
    1. Oversee all partner engagements through coordinating the efforts of multiple staff and outside consultants
    2. Have direct coaching responsibility for several reproducing partner churches
    3. Evaluate current delivery methods and improve for efficiency and effectiveness
    4. Develop and oversee evaluation process for church partnership effectiveness
  7. Financial Partner Development
    1. Raise approximately one-half of overall compensation for the first three years
    2. Develop new financial partners through personal and ministry relationships inside and outside of the Wellspring Community  
  8. Effectively provide overall leadership at Wellspring events, including presenting.


  1. Release Executive Director from operational responsibility related to Battle for Your Heart for Churches’ equipping process
  2. Strategic Plan developed for adding new partner organizations
  3. Equipping processes are planned well and executed according to plan
  4. Organizational equipping process is reproducible at different levels of scale, i.e., church plant, reproducing churches, non-reproducing churches

 Location:  Preferably Atlanta, GA


  • Demonstrated success in developing networks and or organizational partnerships, ideally with pastors and churches
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to think strategically yet implement tactically 
  • Able to follow systems and planning established in the organization 
  • Self-motivated/able to work in virtual environment with capacity to effectively manage his own time
  • Team player – able to coordinate with multiple people within and outside of WG
  • Excellent Leadership and Communication skills
  • Results and Action oriented
  • Proactive and initiates (brings new ideas to table)
  • High emotional intelligence/personal security
  • Ability to relate well to people from business and church backgrounds
  • Effective Communicator

 Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate level education such as seminary, counseling, business/management, or significant experience in these areas is preferred
  • Solid biblical knowledge and process of ongoing personal study

 Significant Metrics for the Church Partnership Director

  • Senior pastors of potential reproducing partner churches in BMH events
  • Developing projected number of reproducing church partners over a multi-year time frame
  • Effectiveness of partnerships based on assessments to be  developed


Global Partnerships Director

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Atlanta, GA

Mission: develop and oversee sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships between WG, missionaries, mission agencies and churches to bring the transformational impact of Battle for the Heart process for Men, Women and Marriages to global missions and ultimately to nationals.


  1. Be involved in the WG process at all levels of leadership – speaking, engaging, equipping and aware of the administrative, logistical side of what it takes to implement the process in global mission organizations.
  2. Understand the WG vision, mission, values and ministry model so that he can effectively change and negotiate to develop win/win solutions in a mission’s culture
  3. Assess global opportunities and challenges
  4. Assess WG capacity including staff, volunteers and partner churches
  5. In conjunction with the WG leadership team, develop how WG needs to respond to the opportunities and challenges
  6. Develop partnerships
    1. This would involve initial development and then walking through the partnership equipping process which involves coaching, engaging, and leading in various contexts. Much of this takes advantage of current WG structures and systems
    2. Assessing whether a leadership team has the necessary characteristics to be an effective partner is very important – we can discuss lessons learned to date.
    3. Work with our current team to adapt the church partnership coaching model to more clearly fit the missions environment
  7. Consider how WG curriculum may need to be adjusted and work with appropriate people to develop that
  8. Develop a financially sustainable model – this may involve donor development and some earned revenue
  9. Coordinate with and effectively use the resources of partner churches
  10. Insure appropriate quality of the WG experience realizing that this may be different in a mission’s context
  11. Effectively lead Battle events though the emphasis is on equipping others to lead

 Location:  Preferably Atlanta, GA


  • Ability to see big picture
  • Organized/planner that can implement and/or oversee implementation of a strategic plan
  • Capacity to evaluate and improve the systems needed to achieve desired results.
  • Proactive and initiates
  • Team player – able to coordinate with multiple people within and outside of WG
  • Ability to effectively engage at a high level personally and in small group settings
  • Ability to equip others to engage and lead at appropriate levels
  • Capacity to effectively communicate in a large group interactive learning environment
  • Results and Action oriented
  • High emotional intelligence/personal security
  • Solid Biblical background
  • Ability to relate well to people from business and church backgrounds

 Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate level education in counseling, spiritual formation, coaching or leadership development preferred


We anticipate that the position of Global Partnerships Director will be filled by someone who has their support raised. We’re open to discussing their future compensation to be a corporate responsibility.

We are open to this person staying with their current organization and being dual status with their organization and WG.


Experience Designer

Wellspring Group is 15 years old and has experienced significant transformational impact in the lives of men and women from various socio-economic strata, ages and denominational backgrounds. Wellspring Group has proven transformational content/experiences, effective and highly committed staff and volunteers, and an active, committed board with a broad degree of organizational experience.

Based on this foundation, the staff and board believe that God is calling us to significantly increase the breadth of our impact, particularly among the next generation of participants – 20-30 year old men and women, smaller and new churches and global mission organizations.  To do so we are beginning a five year project to Reach the Next Generation.    

Our Experience Designer is a strategic part of this opportunity to shape how Wellspring Group will impact people and organizations over the next five to ten years.  This person will work closely with WG Founder Larry Bolden, Project Manager Tim Bennett, our staff and a committed group of volunteers. 


Assess, improve and design transformational experiences that inspire and equip people, particularly in our focus areas, to increasingly live and lead from wholehearted, authentic biblical community. Over the next five years, we anticipate major revisions to existing processes such as the Battle for the Heart for Men, Women and Marriages, as well as developing new experiences to Reach the Next Generation.


As an Experience Designer, you'll create learning experiences that empower others to experience God’s transforming love and express the values, vision and mission of Wellspring Group. This position performs a challenging range of complex activities including planning, analysis, and design of instructor-led and technology enabled learning solutions.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Designing, developing and updating a variety of course content learning solutions (e-learning, Instructor-led training, virtual training sessions, and self-study programs)
  • Identifying new learning opportunities by evaluating results, identifying gaps and determining the appropriate means to solve them.
  • Helping teams develop best practices, workflows, and behaviors to improve work quality and efficiency.
  • Evaluating the impact of each learning experience in order to drive continuous improvement.



  • Communicate authentically and genuinely with vision and purpose, inspiring others to get on-board
  • Passion to design learning environments that inspire and equip people become who God has created them to be
  • Ability to design and work on multiple projects with rapid development deadlines
  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Stay current with L&D trends and practices, and can spot promising new ones on the horizon
  • Have a passion for learning, and desire to change the way we learn in various learning environments
  • Are an adaptive, innovative thinker, with a demonstrated comfort with ambiguity
  • Embrace new ways to deliver learning experiences and are able to think outside the box
  • Proactively seek opportunities to help individuals and the team get strongery
  • Doesn't hesitate to share developmental feedback and provide encouragement when times are tough
  • Make decisions that improve the lives of others, even if it means more work on the back end



  • 3-5 years’ experience in the design and development of instructional material
  • Experience developing and facilitating content for adult learners
  • Experience developing skill-based learning content
  • Must be technologically independent and able to work as part of a virtual team
  • Full development-cycle experience (analysis, design, development, testing, and support)
  • Self-starter who possesses excellent time management skills and has great attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a virtual environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Design, Education, Communication, Organizational Design, Psychology, or other equivalent curriculum that focuses on learning
  • Familiarity with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and UX design best practices a plus