Based on the feedback we have received from hundreds of participants, many who are seasoned leaders and have experienced numerous small groups, the Battle experience is deeper and more intense than a typical small group.  Most teams reach a deeper level of authentic, vulnerable Christian community and experience greater personal change than ever before. This is due to several key factors that differentiate the Battle for the Heart process:

  • The catalytic weekend that kicks off the process (the Battle for the Heart event)
  • The Biblical framework for the process, which is unpacked through ongoing daily Battle Preps. These are reflective encounters with Scripture that facilitate consistent deep engagement with God. Some have called this the best personal worship experience of their lives.
  • The intensive skills training workshop (BYD) at the start of Module 2
  • The intimate relationships that are formed through weekly team meetings built around the Four Realities and daily Battle Preps. For many this becomes a Gospel-focused coaching process that allows God to transform you through your brothers or sisters.
  • The high relational investment that Wellspring Group makes in your team, through your retreat facilitators and your Team Equpping facilitator coach

The opportunity for husbands and wives to go through an individual but equivalent experience, giving the two of you the potential for deeper personal intimacy than you may have ever known

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