We have several tools available to help you explain the Battle for the Heart process. These include:

  • We have a description of the typical team-recruiting process (How to Build a Team pdf link here) at the Resources section of our website.
  • Our “Meet Mark” video on the home page of the Wellspring website gives a very brief and friendly introduction to the Battle for the Heart.
  • Our Battle for Your Heart brochure is available electronically here (give link to brochure PDF on Resources page).  You can also request a printed copy at info@wellspringgrouporg.
  • Our Real Change brochure is specifically designed for pastors and other organizational/ministry leaders; you can find it here (give link to brochure PDF on Resources page).
  • Testimonials from men, women and couples who have been through the Wellspring Challenge can be found here at (update link to Stories: Video page)
    Informational meetings. Check our Events page or e-mail info@wellspringgroup.org to find out about upcoming events or workshops that may be available in your area
  • Our alumni love to share their experience with your group! E-mail us at info@wellspringgroup.org to find out if there is someone in your area who could meet with your group firsthand to discuss his/her experience.

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