You long to be seen, and known, and cherished.

Every woman does. You want to believe that there is something truly special about you, an intrinsic beauty that age can never diminish.  But if you’re like most women, disappointments and life’s demands crowd out all those longings.  It’s easier not to acknowledge them, to yourself or to anyone else.  And that’s a pretty lonely way to live.

The truth is, you were made for more. You were meant to live a life of hope, connection, impact, and adventure.  You were created to love and be loved.  You do, in fact, possess a radiantly beautiful heart, one that’s worth knowing and fighting for.  But few of us live out of that truth on a consistent basis.  Something has to change.

Wellspring has a path to this kind of transformation, one that’s grounded in Scripture and time-honored spiritual traditions: The Battle for Women’s Hearts.  We lead teams of 4-5 women through a process that builds a safe place to take off masks and discover who they really are and who they were created to be.  Through catalytic events and sustained follow-through, our participants find more connection – real connection – with God, brothers and sisters, and their own hearts.

Why is The Battle for Women’s Hearts different than other things I’ve tried?

Getting to know both the heart of God and your whole heart makes the difference between a going-through-the-motions life and a rich, connected life of love. The Bible calls the heart a source of life, a wellspring. Few find it. But for those who do, a world of change is possible. The Battle for Your Heart can help you discover this wellspring in your own life. We’re not interested in putting more on you.  Christian women have more than enough to “do.” We want to call out of you what God has already put in you – freeing you to become the woman you long to be…and were created to be.

When the Bible talks about the heart, it’s talking about the core of a person’s being: her choices, thoughts, emotions, and desires.  Lots of women are very comfortable relating to each other on a surface level.  We can talk about what we’re thinking and what we’re feeling, but we  seldom, if ever, dig deep to see what’s really driving us.  If you are tired of living on the surface, then you may be ready for the Battle for Women’s Hearts.

I live a really busy life. I have a family, a job, and responsibilities at church.  How will I ever find the time for one more thing?

It’s true that you will likely have to set something in your life aside if you want to get the most from the Battle process.  If you are married, you might ask your husband if he would be willing to consider how he can take up some of the slack. Those husbands who have experienced the Battle for Men’s Hearts are typically not only willing but eager to make it possible for their wives to enter the Battle, too.  And you will want to weigh your own commitments, outside work and home, and consider laying aside something less critical in order to accommodate your Wellspring involvement.  Discovering the woman you were created to be is a fulfilling journey.  And like anything of value, it is costly.

But we believe your heart is worth it.  Women who have embraced the Battle for the Heart process, with authenticity, consistently describe these changes in their lives:

  • Deeper intimacy with God – through His Spirit, Word, and the Body of Christ
  • Greater intimacy and wholeness in family relationships – engaging at a heart level with their husbands and children
  • Increased personal holiness – breaking long-term sin patterns and learning how to confront the evil that hunts them
  • Improved relationships at work and church – serving from a place of joy and desire rather than duty or guilt
  • More freedom, less fear – as women who live from their whole hearts and experience their part in God’s story
The Battle for The Heart
Less Emphasis On...
More Emphasis On...
An event
A multi-faceted experience
Seeking what God wants you to be doing
Discovering who God has created you to be
Trying harder to live the Christian life
Living out of a whole heart out of the Four Realities
Searching Scripture for answers
Experiencing God in Scripture
The individual in isolation
The individual in authentic community
Defining and exposing sinful behavior
Discovering the energy and patterns behind sin
Developing strategies for handling life's challenges
Identifying who you want to be in life's challenges
Giving advice
Pursuing the whole heart
Managing external areas of life
Changing from the inside out, affecting all areas of life