You long to step up, to see that you make a difference in your world.

Perhaps you’ve tried different things to bring about that change- new job, new city, new ministry, new whatever –  but you’re still the same man relating in the same old ways.

And if you’re like most men, the struggle is wearing you out and making you feel guilty. Maybe you’re even getting close to giving up. But just trying harder is not the answer.  The reality is, you won’t see the impact you long for unless you first experience real change in your own heart. And that’s not easy.

Wellspring has a path to this kind of transformation, one that’s grounded in Scripture and time-honored spiritual traditions: The Battle for Men’s Hearts.  We lead teams of 4-5 men through a process that builds a safe place to take off masks and discover who they really are and who they were created to be.  Through catalytic events and sustained follow-through, our participants discover the missing link in their relationships with God, brothers and sisters, and their own hearts.

Why is The Battle for Men’s Hearts different than other things I’ve tried in the past?

Great question.  The Battle is different:  it’s not a traditional Bible study, although it is grounded in Scripture.  It’s not a care-share group, or group therapy.  The Battle for Men’s Hearts is a rigorous, demanding approach to discipleship. It’s a path to real life change that incorporates time, Scriptural truth, hands-on coaching, practical application, and most importantly, Biblical community. It's hard work. It requires a commitment from you.  But it results in visible, lasting transformation.

I’m not sure about all this “heart” talk.  Am I expected to get all “touchy-feely?

When the Bible talks about the heart, it’s talking about the core of a man’s being: his choices, his thoughts, his emotions, and his desires.  Lots of men are very comfortable relating to each other on a rational or volitional level, but never dig below the surface to see what’s really driving them. This is huge. If you are trying hard, but not experiencing the relational connection and impact you really desire, then there's a good chance you're looking in the wrong place.

Solomon called the heart a wellspring of life. If the wellspring is shut off, life dries up. If it is polluted, everything in your life is affected. But if it's flowing freely, you have abundant life. We help men discover the abundance in life that they are longing for.

Abundant life can be messy, full of risks and danger.  But it’s also thrilling.  And freeing. Most of the men who’ve been through our process would never go back to their old way of life.  They would say the process hasn’t been easy, but it was worth it.

You seem pretty sure this process could help me.  Why so confident?

When we talk about the effectiveness of The Battle for Men’s Hearts, there's another, even more important factor to consider: it represents a genuine dependence on the work of the Holy Spirit.  And we know, both from Scripture and from experience, that the Spirit desires to produce fruit in His children.

The Battle is not a self-help program. It's a process that leads people away from a dependence on themselves to a deeper intimacy and dependence on God. In John 7 Jesus described the Holy Spirit's work as a "river of living water" flowing from within. That's the wellspring of a whole heart redeemed by Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit.

How can I expect my life to change if I enter the Battle?

Men who persevere in the Battle for the Heart process, with authenticity, consistently describe outcomes such as these:

  • Deeper intimacy with God – through His Spirit, Word, and the Body of Christ
  • Greater intimacy and wholeness in family relationships – engaging at a heart level with their wives and children
  • Increased personal holiness – breaking long-term sin patterns and learning how to confront the evil that hunts them
  • Improved relationships at work and church – knowing how to lead from strength and love
  • More fulfillment and freedom – as men who live from their whole heart and experience their part in God’s story
The Battle for The Heart
Less Emphasis On...
More Emphasis On...
An event
A multi-faceted experience
Seeking what God wants you to be doing
Discovering who God has created you to be
Trying harder to live the Christian life
Living out of a whole heart out of the Four Realities
Searching Scripture for answers
Experiencing God in Scripture
The individual in isolation
The individual in authentic community
Defining and exposing sinful behavior
Discovering the energy and patterns behind sin
Developing strategies for handling life's challenges
Identifying who you want to be in life's challenges
Giving advice
Pursuing the whole heart
Managing external areas of life
Changing from the inside out, affecting all areas of life