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What is the Battle for the Heart Process?


The Battle for the Heart process is a path offered by Wellspring Group toward sustained, significant, fundamental life change. It takes about one year to complete, and it is broken out into two modules:

Module 1

  • The Battle for the Heart for Men or Women - a 4 day event with interactive teaching, small group sessions and personal reflection that identifies the Battle for Your Heart and gives you a framework to win it
  • Team Equipping Process Module 1 - a 16-week follow-through, including daily reflective experiences in Scripture, weekly team meetings and 9 coaching calls for the team facilitator that explores God's eternal Love Story and what is at stake in fulfilling your part

Module 2

  • Battle for Your Domain event - a 3 day engaging skills workshop where you grow in the skills of deeply engaging those around you from your heart to their heart.
  • Team Equipping Process Module 2 - a 16-week follow-through that takes you face to face with your false self and highlights the power of the Fellowship to protect you and propel you into the fullness of who you are created to be.


How will this compare to my men's / women's group experience?


Based on the feedback we have received from hundreds of participants, many who are seasoned leaders and have experienced numerous small groups, the Battle experience is deeper and more intense than a typical small group.  Most teams reach a deeper level of authentic, vulnerable Christian community and experience greater personal change than ever before. This is due to several key factors that differentiate the Battle for the Heart process:

  • The catalytic weekend that kicks off the process (the Battle for the Heart event)
  • The Biblical framework for the process, which is unpacked through ongoing daily Battle Preps. These are reflective encounters with Scripture that facilitate consistent deep engagement with God. Some have called this the best personal worship experience of their lives.
  • The intensive skills training workshop (BYD) at the start of Module 2
  • The intimate relationships that are formed through weekly team meetings built around the Four Realities and daily Battle Preps. For many this becomes a Gospel-focused coaching process that allows God to transform you through your brothers or sisters.
  • The high relational investment that Wellspring Group makes in your team, through your retreat facilitators and your Team Equpping facilitator coach

The opportunity for husbands and wives to go through an individual but equivalent experience, giving the two of you the potential for deeper personal intimacy than you may have ever known

What does the Battle for the Heart Process cost?


The total cost for the Battle for the Heart is as low as $900 (for dorm room option), broken into two payments for each half of the process.  Module 1 costs $500 and covers the 4-day Battle for the Heart retreat (excluding  transportation to the event), Module 1 Team Equipping guidebook (including daily Battle Preps and weekly Team Meeting guidelines), and the Wellspring coaching process for each team’s facilitator that equips and supports your team throughout the experience.

Module 2 costs $400 and covers the 3-day Battle for Your Domain event (excluding transportation), Module 2 Team Equipping guidebook (Battle preps and Team Meetings), and the final round of Wellspring coaching for your team’s facilitator.

Consider also that the Battle for the Heart is a significant investment of your time. While the initial Battle retreat requires some preparation and a 4-day weekend, the Team Equipping follow-through is a 26-week commitment for the entire process (both modules 1 & 2). Participating in the Team Equipping process typically requires 14-19 hours a month. This includes 7-9 hours of personal time devoted to Battle Preps  (20 minutes a day on average; some days require more.)  The balance of time goes toward small group team meetings, not including travel time and socializing before and after the meetings.  One member of the group serves as the facilitator, and that person also participates in equipping calls with other facilitators every other week, adding another 3 hours or so per month to the facilitator's commitment. 

We believe that this investment of time is not only critical, but worth making sacrifices to accomplish. Significant, sustained, fundamental life transformation is at stake!

Does Wellspring Group offer scholarships?


Wellspring Group receives approximately half of its revenue through donations. Because revenue from the Wellspring Challenge does not cover all of WG’s operating costs, we do not have extra funds to provide scholarships. However, we do accept scholarship contributions made on behalf of participants. These are considered tax-deductible contributions as long as they are made on behalf of someone who is not considered a dependent by the IRS. We do also on occasion have funds that are designated to assist church pastors or other ministry leaders who bring an exploratory team to the Battle for Men’s Hearts retreat. Because these funds are limited we offer these on a case-by-case basis. For more information please e-mail

May I pay for my registration fee through installments?


Yes. We do allow participants to spread out their payments as long as the final payment for an event is paid at least one month prior to the event (and at least 2/3 of the total cost has been received no later than 2 months prior to the event). For more information on payment options please e-mail

Can I participate in this process and another small group at the same time?


That depends on your time and relational bandwidth right now. Some people are able to do both, but many find that they need to back off of another group for a year in order to make the most of the Battle for the Heart process.

Where are the events located?


Most of our events are held at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, AL. Check the specific event you are considering for location confirmation.

What should I expect at a Battle for the Heart event?


The Battle for Your Heart is a 4 day, 3 night event that you attend with a team of 4. You can expect it to be an exciting, challenging, and invigorating time. Large group teaching is interspersed with times of quiet personal reflection and small group time. You will have a Wellspring volunteer facilitating the weekend with your team, whose role is to help you engage with each other well and get the best possible experience out of the weekend.

Why do you require people to come as teams?


Because transformation never happens in isolation.  Transformation happens in the context of authentic Biblical community.

Teams are a key component in the Battle for the Heart process. You will meet with your team during several sessions at the Battle for Your Heart and Battle for Your Domain events, and during the Team Equipping follow-through you will meet weekly. Teams are also encouraged to meet prior to the Battle event to connect and discuss participation in the Team Equipping process. Some teams choose to meet virtually for some or all of the TE process.

How do I recruite 3 other men / women to come with me?


We have several tools available to help you explain the Battle for the Heart process. These include:

  • We have a description of the typical team-recruiting process (How to Build a Team pdf link here) at the Resources section of our website.
  • Our “Meet Mark” video on the home page of the Wellspring website gives a very brief and friendly introduction to the Battle for the Heart.
  • Our Battle for Your Heart brochure is available electronically here (give link to brochure PDF on Resources page).  You can also request a printed copy at info@wellspringgrouporg.
  • Our Real Change brochure is specifically designed for pastors and other organizational/ministry leaders; you can find it here (give link to brochure PDF on Resources page).
  • Testimonials from men, women and couples who have been through the Wellspring Challenge can be found here at (update link to Stories: Video page)
    Informational meetings. Check our Events page or e-mail to find out about upcoming events or workshops that may be available in your area
  • Our alumni love to share their experience with your group! E-mail us at to find out if there is someone in your area who could meet with your group firsthand to discuss his/her experience.

Are linens and towels provided at the Battle events?


Linens and towels are provided by the event facilities, as well as all meals and event materials.  You will receive a complete "What To Bring" list prior to your particular retreat.

What is the dress code for the event?


The dress code for all Wellspring events is casual. You may want to bring comfortable shoes for walking or hiking if you would like to explore the walking trails at Alabama 4-H (the location for the majority of our events).

If my husband has not attended the Battle for the Heart for Men, am I still able to attend the Battle for the Heart for Women?


Wellspring Group does welcome women whose husbands have not participated in the Battle for the Heart.  However, our experience is that the overall effect of the Battle for the Heart process is significantly enhanced when the husband leads the way.  We have seen significant impact on marriages when both husband and wife fully invest in the process. Husbands and wives who both complete the Battle for the Heart will have the opportunity to participate in the Battle for Your Marriage.

If you are part of a partner church, please consult with your church liaison regarding your church's policy.