Counseling Referrals

Wellspring Group has a high value on the power of authentic Biblical community to restore men and women to whom God has created us to be. However, there are times when people need the gift of a vocational counselor or spiritual director. That gift will often significantly increase the benefit of the Wellspring Challenge in a participant’s life. Therefore, there are times when we may recommend that a participant in the Wellspring Challenge receive further assistance from a vocational counselor or spiritual director. Because the counseling and/or spiritual direction relationship is highly dependent upon the right personal fit, we recommend that you consider interviewing several counselors or directors before making a final decision. The following are men and women who have been involved with Wellspring Group that we recommend you consider.


 Atlanta, GA


Nate Shattuck
Terry Mitchell
Phil Drake


Judy Keappler Counseling

750 Hammond Drive
Building 18, Suite 350
Atlanta, Georgia 30328


Thomasville, GA

Dusty Hart


Birmingham, AL

Julie Sparkman MS

Restore Counseling Ministries
14 Office Park Circle Suite 104
Birmingham AL 35223