Battle for the Heart of Marriage

The process begins with a four-day event, the Battle for Your Marriage, with 9 weeks of team follow-through meetings. It continues with a three-day event, the Battle for Holistic Union, followed by 8 more weeks of team follow-through meetings.

Teams consist of three to four couples with the following criteria:

  • Both husband and wife have effectively participated in the full Battle for the Heart process (BMH/BWH event, Module 1 Team Equipping, BYD event, and Module 2 Team Equipping).
  • Teams consist of couples who have ongoing or pre-existing relationships with one another.  The ideal team would consist of four husbands who have gone through the  BMH process together and whose wives have gone through the BWH process together.  At a minimum, a team should be formed around existing relationships rather than having the Battle for the Heart of Marriage be the first and only experience of relating to one another. Regardless, it is wise for teams to have a significant number of meetings prior to the initial retreat.  The less prior relational connection, the more important these meetings are.
  • All participating couples should have a basic comfort level with practicing the BLESS skills of engaging with family and friends, and a willingness to grow in developing those engaging skills with their spouses and with other couples on their team.  Since Battle for the Heart of Marriage teams are composed of couples, appropriate cross-gender (brother-sister) engaging should be expected and supported.
  • Each team should have at least one couple with prior experience in facilitating a BMH or BWH team who is willing to facilitate the BYM team at events and during the Team Equipping follow-through.  BYM facilitator couples will participate in pre-retreat training as well as biweekly equipping calls in the follow-through process.

The fee per couple is $2,500 which includes lodging and meals for both retreats and all program costs.  The retreats will be held at WinShape Retreat in Rome, GA.  Registrations fees may be spread out in monthly payments over a year.  Or split into Module 1: $1,300 and Module 2: $1,200.

Module 1: Battle for the Heart of Marriage Retreat date -  February 2-5, 2017

Module 2: Holistic Communion Retreat date -  September 8-10, 2017

Please follow the application process below:

February 02, 2017 at 12pm - February 05, 2017
WinShape Retreats
Abby Mandella · · 334.714.9074

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