The Battle for the Heart is different than most discipleship programs in that it’s not about giving you a formula to change what you’ve been doing (or not doing).  The Battle is about discovering who you were created to be, as a man or a woman, in God’s Larger Story.

Yes, there are things you will do: You’ll go on some pretty intense retreats, meet weekly with your team, and spend time daily in Scripture.  You’ll learn how to enter the depths of another person’s heart with humility and skill.  You’ll take an honest look at your whole heart, in all its beauty and brokenness, on your own and with your team. The path will not be pain-free.

But in that year, as you enter into the truth of the Gospel within the fellowship of brothers or sisters, something mysterious and grace-filled will happen: You will experience God in a new way.  We can’t tell you exactly what that will look like for you; each person’s experience is as unique as they are.  But we are confident that it can happen for you, because we’ve seen it happen over and over again, in the lives of hundreds of people.

Transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens when we link arms and do battle together. That’s why the Battle for the Heart is built to be experienced in teams. Together, you will join the fight for a deeply personal understanding of God and His incredible love and grace. Community is not the end result: it’s the pathway to significant, sustainable, fundamental change.

The Battle Process

Module One: The Battle for Your Heart

Your entry into the Battle for the Heart process is the Battle for Your Heart retreat. This four-day intensive, which you attend with your team of 4, introduces you to the framework of the battle, through interactive teaching, facilitated team discussions, and personal reflection times.  This framework consists of Four Spiritual Realities:

  • God has chosen you for His Larger Story.
  • God has given you a part to play in that Story, and if you do not find the way, no one will.
  • Evil is hunting you, to take you out of the Story.
  • The Fellowship desires to protect you and propel you into your part.

After the retreat, you will begin unpacking the Four Realities through the Team Equipping follow-through: 14 weeks of daily reflections that take you deeper into God’s Larger Story and help you discover the part He is calling you to play in it.  Along the way, you’ll meet weekly with your team to process your experience, supporting each other in specific and strategic ways. Facilitator coaching and supervision will be a part of the process, too, as you and your teammates grow in the knowledge and skills of creating a safe place to share authentically.


Module Two: The Battle for Your Domain

Halfway through your journey, your team will retreat once again at the Battle for Your Domain.  This three-day event will look very different than your first retreat, as your team will be immersed in discovering new ways of engaging that allow you to pursue each others’ hearts at a deeper level.  These ways of engaging, known as the BLESS skills, will equip you for the second half of the Team Equipping process.

In Module 2’s Team Equipping, you will  take 12 weeks to continue to unpack the Four Realities as you explore how evil is hunting you and how the Fellowship desires to protect you and propel you into your part in God’s story.   You will face your brokenness and the brokenness of those around you, but you will do so in an environment of love and grace that makes honesty possible.  The BLESS skills you practiced at the Battle for Your Domain retreat will foster this loving environment as you move through your brokenness into an increasing awareness of how God is redeeming you into living out the part He created you to play.


Now my dead and lonely heart is coming alive! The process isn’t easy and very often I don’t like the tools God uses to mold and shape me (like suffering), but I have gained courage to walk in the way of humility as I have people to share the journey with me.
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I have begun to discover a freedom for living and a joy that has changed my marriage, revolutionized my life, and directed my future more clearly than I ever thought possible.
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MODULE 1 The Battle for Your Heart

Starting at:

Team Equipping Follow-through


MODULE 2 Battle for Your Domain

Starting at:

Team Equipping Follow-through


*assumes dorm room selection at retreats*
The total investment in the Battle for Your Heart process is approximately 9 - 12 months of time and as low as $900 based on dorm room pricing. Churches may choose to supplement participant expenses and Wellspring Group accepts tax-deductible scholarship contributions.

Registration fee includes food, lodging, retreat materials and administrative expenses for the event. The Team Equipping follow through process includes materials and bi-weekly equipping calls that provide hands-on-training for your team's facilitator.  Wellspring has priced these events at our hard dollar cost for participants and the team's facilitator.  Retreat fees do not contribute to the general expenses of the ministry.

Prices are subject to change.