Are You Proactively Listening for Validation

Are you Proactively Listening - Wellspring Group


What would it be like to intentionally seek affirmation from Father God?

What if you developed the habit of looking at scripture in ways that touched the deep desires of your heart?


I’m in week five of practicing this habit with a team of four. This week we meditated on Matthew 17:5, which focuses on this portion of Jesus’ Transfiguration:

  Our group of four come together weekly to share the words we hear and use them to powerfully call out the glory in each other. We hear validation and worth. Their words help counteract the relentless negative voice seeking access in my heart with the intention of doing harm.


“While he was still speaking, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and behold, a voice out of the cloud said, ‘This is my beloved Son, which whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him!’”

     Here in this New Testament narrative we read of another gospel miracle. This one is unique in that it happened to Jesus. He is radiating a bright light. The disciples recognize Moses and Elijah. Everyone hears how Jesus and God are related. Then all hear that Jesus has his father’s approval.

      Although I was very curious how Peter, James, and John would recognize Elijah and Moses when I read this, I decided that asking a question around that would take me in the wrong direction. Instead I chose to ask God what His love for Jesus was like because I often experience the Lord speaking to me when I ask him questions around emotions and desires.

      What I sensed was God saying that loving Jesus was easy, like having a child who never disappoints their parent’s heart. What a unique response! This really hit home for me as I have experienced a disappointed heart in some of the choices our children have made.

      In Wellspring, I train our women retreat facilitators to avoid taking personally any resistance or rejection they sense from team members. Ironically, recently I realized that I had taken a family member’s decision not to attend church personally. Personal rejection is a heavy weight to carry around for months!

      Following repentance, I began to wonder how I so easily fell into this trap, taking responsibility for someone else’s stewardship choice. My conviction is that when family is involved, some principles don’t transfer well. Our emotions can respond more quickly than our rational thinking and result in situations like when I sensed a member’s choice to be potentially damaging spiritually.

      I have found that it is good to ask “Lord, in what ways are you well pleased with me?” If you listen to the good shepherd’s voice the strings of your desire for belonging, connection, and significance will be played.

Imagine day-after-day like that, where you seek to steep your soul in God’s perspective on your life.

   How can you position yourself to hear more often what he really thinks about you?

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